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LARGE MEDIEVAL CROSS (8250090520750)
LARGE MEDIEVAL CROSS (8250090520750)
LARGE MEDIEVAL CROSS (8250090520750)



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6th-9th century, the period of major conversions to Christianity and the mix with the residual paganism. Over 1 1/4” total height (1.28”) silvered bronze of archaic form with centered cross beam and trilobate beam ends as with the Jerusalem cross, forming five crosses in one. After 800, all subjects of Frankish rule were required to convert to Christianity under penalty of death and many wore crosses to declare their conversion. The size of this example suggests that it was worn by a priest or higher clergyman.  Surface textured from burial. Professionally refurbished with the 24karat gold surface restored, on an 18” modern gilt Sterling silver neck chain. Jewelry gift boxed with certificate of authenticity.